Senior Living

Balancing Care and Service with Financial Returns

Accomplish Your Communications Goals and Objectives

Crosswind has years of experience working with senior living facilities. We understand your need to decrease operating costs so you can focus on providing the care your residents and their families expect. We also acknowledge your need for a dependable, robust communications system to quickly address emergencies and other issues that may arise.

Many senior living facilities operate on tight margins, which means that the maintenance personnel are often tasked with servicing the phone system. This is less than ideal. With Crosswind, you get a world-class unified communications system that we manage for you. And we do it all for less money than you’re paying today!

Why Choose Crosswind as Your Communications Provider?

Crosswind provides a cost-effective, feature-rich system that has all the reliability and security you need to keep your facility running smoothly. We do this so you can stay focused on servicing your residents. We manage the network connectivity so your caregivers, residents and their families enjoy seamlessly connecting, collaborating and fully engaging with one another.

With our mobile app, you can reach your staff wherever they are, or collaborate on-the-go with medical personnel via a chat or video conference. Our cloud solution means that you and your residents or their families can reach out even during an Internet outage.

With Crosswind, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you no longer have to worry about your communications technology — we monitor your network 24/7/365, so you don’t have to. Let Crosswind customize a complete communications system for you.