SIP Trunking

Link Your PBX Connection to the Cloud

SIP Trunking Service Unifies Communications

Basically, Session Initiation Protocol or SIP lets you operate your phone system over an Internet connection in lieu of traditional phone lines. In addition to transmitting voice data, which is what a VoIP system does, SIP trunk service adds the ability to transfer data over the Internet. Best of all, you pay only for the minutes you use!

SIP trunking unifies voice, video, data and Internet services over an IP (Internet Protocol) connection via your existing PBX. This is a cost-effective solution, particularly for businesses with more than 10 phone lines. You no longer need to undergo capacity planning, as your network now scales up and down to meet your business demands.

A Little More About VoIP SIP Trunking Service

SIP trunking optimizes your PBX (Private Branch Exchange) investment. Crosswind, a SIP trunking provider, connects your existing PBX system to the cloud in minutes. Integrating voice and data onto a common access circuit provides economies of scale while simplifying the management of your communications network.

A SIP trunk provides the connection between your network and the PSTN (public switched telephone network). With a SIP connection, you make phone calls from your existing IP–PBX switch. This eliminates the recurring costs of separate voice and data lines, along with the costs associated with the purchase, support and maintenance of media gateways.

Why Choose Crosswind as Your SIP Trunk Provider?

When searching for a SIP trunk service provider, look no further than Crosswind. Here’s what you get with Crosswind VoIP SIP trunking:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring and management/porting
  • Fast, easy setup through our installation team
  • Fast and reliable service quality: 100% Tier 1
  • Flexible bandwidth options (T1, Ethernet, cable)
  • Quality service that prioritizes voice traffic
  • Easy MACs (Moves/Adds/Changes)
  • Dynamically allocated bandwidth to meet seasonal demands