Managed Wi-Fi

Maintain Your Connection with Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Why Organizations Outsource Wi-Fi Management

Wi-Fi is an essential part of every business. Employees and customers expect it to be always available everywhere, making businesses increasingly reliant on wireless connectivity. A strong, secure and seamless connection increases employee productivity, and attracts and engages mobile customers.

Wi-Fi networks are becoming increasingly complex as the number of devices and higher throughputs increase the demands placed on the network. Managing updates, maintenance, network health and security can be a full-time job. That’s why businesses that lack the IT resources to properly maintain their wireless networks often turn to third-party managed WiFi service providers like Crosswind.

Outsourcing Wi-Fi management has many advantages. It generally lowers costs, improves Internet access for end users and reduces security risks, while freeing the IT team to focus on business objectives. A primary benefit of outsourced Wi-Fi management is that the managed service provider is better able to meet these goals than an understaffed IT team.  

Crosswind Offers Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Our team has the expertise, experience and resources to design, configure, install, manage and maintain your Wi-Fi network across your enterprise. As a managed Wi-Fi provider, Crosswind ensures that connectivity is available where and when your users need it.

We offer turnkey managed Wi-Fi service, meaning that we design, implement and manage it all for you — at no additional expense. By providing, managing, maintaining and upgrading all the required equipment, you no longer pay maintenance expenses and ever increasing overhead costs.

Why Choose Crosswind’s Managed Wi-Fi Solutions?

Crosswind understands the business world’s increasing reliance on wireless connectivity. Our team has the advanced skillset and network experience to deliver a Wi-Fi solution that meets your specific needs -technically and cost-effectively. From managing the network to managing the licensing and support, you are placing your network in the hands of real professionals.

Because network demands are unique to each organization, you need a company that works closely with you to help determine exactly what you need. Crosswind can provide the solid network design and reliability that underlie successful Wi-Fi deployments.