Cost-Effective Hotel PBX Phone System Solutions

Meeting Your Customers’ Expectations

Today, many guests opt to use their mobile phone instead of the phone in their room. However, in-room phones are still used by guests to contact the front desk, request housekeeping and order from room service.

Plus, hotels are not eliminating guestroom telephones because they are needed for security. If a guest’s mobile phone is not working or unavailable, a means to call in case of emergency is vital. The ability to dial 911 directly from hotel phones is required, and the system must inform the front desk that a 911 call has been placed so staff are ready to assist emergency responders.

But while the guestroom’s phone is still in place, the technology is evolving. Hotel voice over ip phone systems are replacing traditional landlines because the old, on-premises PBX systems in many hotels are expensive. And integrating traditional phone service with the hotel’s management system may prove to be too difficult to overcome.

Unified communications not only provides telephone service from each room, but it also addresses the need for a more robust, reliable network system that includes additional features, such as app integration, seamless calling between all devices and the ability to meet the increasing demands placed on the network. Customers also expect a stable Wi-Fi connection for streaming and gaming from anywhere on the property.

Why Choose Crosswind as Your Communications Provider?

Crosswind addresses your challenges by providing a cost-effective hotel VoIP phone system that leverages the economic benefits of the cloud and integrates with the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS).

Benefits of a customized Crosswind system include:

  • P-VoIP allows you to leverage your existing cable infrastructure and still realize the cost savings of VoIP.
  • Room phone charges are integrated with your PMS software.
  • Check-out services are available by phone with hotels choosing to email guests a copy of the bill.
  • Guests are able to set wake-up calls and enable do-not-disturb through a simple telephone menu.
  • Direct emergency 911 service is tied to each guestroom.
  • Scalability allows the network to scale commensurate with customer demand.

Crosswind’s cloud infrastructure leverages resources across our platform to provide the network security, performance and connectivity that drives your customers’ complete satisfaction.