Cut Your Landline Loose with Confidence

P-VoIP Saves Time, Money and Aggravation

Are you ready to replace your traditional phone system? The cost of using and maintaining landlines has significantly increased, and many carriers are beginning to sunset their POTS (plain old telephone service) or analog services. Did you know that aging copper networks may be switched off by 2025? Now is the time to convert those antiquated copper lines to a digital infrastructure!

Replacing your old system gives you much more for a lot less. Cabling or equipment upgrades are no longer required. Training is not necessary. And getting started is simple: Crosswind’s installers take care of the technology while you continue to concentrate on running your business.

What Exactly Is P-VoIP and What Does It Do?

The short version is that P-Voice over Internet Protocol (P-VoIP) converts analog/POTS lines into Internet protocol (IP) devices and routes traffic over the Internet. Here’s how it works: P-VoIP enables legacy analog signals (phone, fax, elevator, fire alarms and more) currently connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to be routed over existing Internet connections without upgrading your infrastructure.

P-VoIP provides most companies with up to 60% in cost savings over their current phone providers. P-VoIP is also monitored and managed 24/7/365. And, this solution can also ride over 4G, allowing for the same uptime protections as traditional VoIP systems.

Why Choose Crosswind for Your P-VoIP Service?

Crosswind offers a P-VoIP hybrid solution that provides the cost savings and basic features of VoIP without the costly upgrades to hardware and cable infrastructure. In addition to saving businesses money, this solution allows for failover to an analog line in the event of an Internet outage. Best of all, you keep your existing equipment, which is another way you save money.

What do you get when you choose Crosswind as your P-VoIP service provider? We give you a powerful, enterprise-grade router and firewall that ensure that your Internet service is up and running at maximum efficiency. Crosswind also provides a 4G LTE cellular connection as either a primary or a backup connection to eliminate any chance of downtime. Say goodbye to POTS and hello to digital!