Helping You Make Better Business Decisions

Crosswind Integrates Phone Analytics with Software Tools

We help organizations communicate and collaborate more effectively, especially as we embrace the work-from-home trend. Organizations are using data from UCaaS applications to evaluate worker productivity and drive performance, in addition to fostering inclusiveness and collaboration. Our analytics data provides much more than just call tracking.

This analytics data can be used to drive business decisions and improve performance. For example, managers can view a dashboard of employee engagement via voice, chat, video and email. This easy comparison of the data metrics among employees in the same work group allows managers to benchmark productivity.

Why Choose Crosswind as Your Communications Provider?

Crosswind provides a range of insightful data regarding system usage. You can view trends across the organization, by department or by user. Real-time dashboards offer users and management the ability to make decisions based on this real-time data.

Our targeted reporting provides high-level KPIs and metrics, while user-level data reveals trends and gaps. Contact us to learn more about implementing phone analytics in your business.