4G Failover

Eliminate Downtime with 4G Failover Solutions

Our 4G Failover Solutions Prevent Downtime

Minimizing downtime and staying connected is critical to business operations. As businesses continue to modernize and adapt to a digital infrastructure, connectivity plays an ever-increasing role.

According to Gartner*, the average cost of a network outage is $5,600 per minute! The financial, reputational and branding impacts due to a protracted outage are costly. Companies need to think about how to address both the impacts and the risks of having a single circuit.

When your main Internet connection goes down, your business stops — resulting in lost sales, lost productivity and unhappy customers. A 4G failover network keeps your critical data processing and your business running by moving your traffic over a 4G cellular connection. When an outage is detected, our 4G Failover solution automatically routes your traffic to the 4G backup connection, ensuring your business maintains the uptime it needs to operate at optimal levels.

Why Choose Crosswind for 4G Failover Solutions?

Crosswind prevents expensive downtime for our customers by combining our CLEARity Shield SD-WAN solution with 4G LTE. This provides added assurance that our customers’ networks will always perform optimally. This fully managed backup solution means that we monitor and manage the connectivity of your main Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well as the 4G LTE service so you and your staff don’t have to.  

4G Failover is convenient, cost-effective and necessary to eliminate the negative business impacts caused by a wired Internet failure. Can your business afford to operate without this vital service?

* Source: https://blogs.gartner.com/andrew-lerner/2014/07/16/the-cost-of-downtime/