Hosted PBX

An Internet-Based Telephone System

What Is Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange)?

Hosted PBX services (also called cloud PBX solutions) are telephone systems that are accessed via a network that resides in the cloud. Users access hosted PBX services over the Internet. When a trusted hosted PBX provider like Crosswind transitions your phone service to the cloud, your voice traffic is routed over your existing Internet circuit. Your business has all the traditional features of an on-site phone system without the high costs of hardware, trunks/lines and maintenance.

Crosswind Offers Hosted PBX Solutions

Eliminate your traditional phone lines and save time and money (maintenance fees and capital expenses) with our fully managed cloud-based PBX service. We monitor your system 24/7/365 so you can focus on operating your business instead of your phone system.

As technology changes, our system changes with it. You get free automatic and immediate upgrades as they become available. And our service is scalable; simply let us know when you need to add an employee and your new user will be online within hours.

Why Choose Crosswind as Your Cloud PBX Provider?

In addition to the industry-standard features such as call forwarding, music on hold, call recording, caller ID, call queuing and more, Crosswind also offers advanced features, including mobility, unified communications, SMS and online meetings.

Crosswind hosted PBX solutions offer a range of benefits:

  • Carrier-Grade Service — Crosswind’s operations are co-located in Tier 5 data centers that provide multiple layers of redundancy, failover, power, encryption, hot spare replacement and 24/7/365 monitoring. This is the same levels of service provided by the top telecommunications providers.
  • Uptime — We ensure that your operations will continue in the event of an emergency, power outage or even a cable cut. With the Crosswind app, employees continue to call, fax, text and host conference calls using tablets or smartphones. Calls that cannot be answered locally may be re-directed to another office or to a cell phone.
  • Lower Costs — Eliminating the costs of hardware and maintenance is just the beginning — think about the savings that come when your monthly telephone bills are eliminated! No more long-distance charges. No more confusing billing. Everything you need is included in one low monthly cost.
  • Easy to Use — The Crosswind Customer Portal allows you to modify features on your own … or ask the Crosswind Help Desk to do it for you.
  • Bridge Remote Locations — With extension-to-extension dialing across your organization, Crosswind bridges the distance by allowing all users to call, chat, text or video conference from virtually anywhere.
  • Scalability — Your new employees will be online in a day — no need to wait for equipment to be ordered and delivered. Plus, the Crosswind app allows them to start working immediately. Unlike traditional PBX systems, you won’t have to invest in extra hardware or station cards that often aren’t used for months (if ever). Just pay as you go!