Work from Home

Allow Employees to Choose Where They Work

Keep On-Site and Remote Employees Connected

Crosswind streamlines your business communications with a single integrated work-from-home phone system built for your specialized team. Crosswind allows you to have all your communications in one place and keeps all employees connected, regardless of their locations. Phone, chat, text, video and screen sharing — all in one simple-to-use app — allows employees to work remotely on any Internet-connected device.

No need to worry about security! Our work-from-home phone solutions include a built-in, software-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) and firewall that provides all the privacy and security your employees and company need.

Crosswind Knows Which Way the Wind Is Blowing

Businesses face challenges that have forced workforces to become more elastic. Crosswind’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution provides technology that empowers businesses small and large to continue to meet every challenge by allowing your workforce to choose where they work — without sacrificing performance and productivity.

Our options offer your employees flexibility while delivering the great service you expect from your work-from-home VoIP service provider. Our technology accommodates sick employees who can work while recuperating at home, employees attending out-of-town conferences, or those who are simply more comfortable working from home.

Why Choose Crosswind as Your Communications Provider?

Our work-from-home package provides everything you need to keep your organization productive. Voice, collaboration and video conferencing services keep your remote teams connected from anywhere.

Is your team mobile? Do some of your employees regularly work in the field? Is your dynamic workforce on the move? Mobile employees need on-demand access to technology, while you want the ability to manage them no matter where they are.

Crosswind provides your on-the-go team members with all the tools they would typically have in the office. The Crosswind Mobility app enables all your teams to function and operate from any remote location while providing you access and control over the data you need to run your business.