What Is A Managed Voice Service Provider? And Why Do You Need One?

January 31, 2022

Photo of businesslike man 20s wearing office clothes and headset, working on computer in call center

Okay, you’ve decided that a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system is the right approach for your business, but choosing a provider is another matter entirely, and with a little upfront planning you’ll avoid any dissatisfaction with your brand new VoIP telephone system. There is little standardization in the field of managed voice services, and understanding the difference between true enterprise-grade hosted voice and more traditional business telephone systems can be confusing, especially for some smaller businesses who would like to take advantage of a greater choice of options. Thus taking the time to properly assess your organization’s hosted voice needs can be one of the most essential parts when moving to hosted voice or changing your VoIP provider. So let’s take a look at how managed VoIP services can help you save time, cut costs, and better manage your business communications.

First, Choose a VoIP provider that can meet all your business communication needs and guarantees reliable services. With flexible plans and tiered service packages, Crosswind Cloud Solutions is an ideal candidate for call centers and small and medium sized businesses. Most VoIP providers also offer additional communication solutions such as instant messaging call handling and customer relations management. If you want to improve collaboration, increase overall efficiency, and simplify internal and external communications through personalized call control, a managed VoIP service just may be the proper solution for your business.

Make A Smooth Transition to Cloud Communications

A recent survey indicates that over 80% of leaders consider integrated cloud communications the future of their businesses. In fact, today’s companies average seven cloud communications and collaboration tools in their phone service toolbox.  Proper setup works best with a channel partners help. A good managed service provider, consultant, or adviser should step in and help determine which platforms to keep and which to toss, and oversee the process. This will allow most businesses to thereby reduce communications costs, improve revenue streams and increase efficiency and productivity.

 Managed VoIP services means that your VoIP phone system provider will handle everything you need to make a smooth transition to cloud communications, ensure your data is safe and your new system runs smoothly. And a VoIP phone system paired with managed solution can make it easier for employees to work at home and provide your company with an easy-to-use platform that provides various options for call control, voice mail, video conferencing, device synchronization, and more. Some managed voice services will also provide disaster recovery to keep phone lines active with remote hosting and call routing.

 A managed service provider also offers on-staff has technicians who can act as part of your team when you need advanced or specialized knowledge that your employees do not have.

While this should optimally be done remotely, meaning you don’t have to wait for a technician to arrive at your office if something goes wrong, the managed service provider should also offer timely onsite service for things that can’t be diagnosed and resolved remotely. When you hire a professional service provider to manage all aspects of your office phone system, they are able to check any possible system glitches that may cause service interruptions. The service provider should also proactively monitor and manage your network to ensure that updates and new features come first, giving your business a competitive edge.

In the end, voice services, operated by a managed VoIP provider combine the infrastructure of your voice and data networks and offer continuous monitoring for optimal performance. Today’s VoIP services have evolved from the simplest of telephone systems to much more complex affairs. And support providers such as Crosswind Cloud Systems bring a much improved reliability to your total communications experience. Why not call one of our representatives today?